• Swiss Viva Grand S

    Multifunctional – and now with rear-mounted or mid-mounted motor

    Stand strong: The Viva Grand S is a multifunctional standing power wheelchair that enables almost perfect therapeutic standing for you. Plus, it gives you a good deal more freedom and mobility day-to-day, both indoors and outdoors. The power wheelchair adapts perfectly to you, with the biodynamic positioning package, programmable standing curves or customizable options.
  • Swiss Viva Grand M

    Perfectionist with mid-mounted motor

    If you’re someone who doesn’t do things by halves, then the Grand M is right for you. It impresses with a powerful mid-wheel drive, supreme driving gear and a low seat height. The perfect choice for anyone unwilling to compromise – outdoors, in terms of agility or even when it comes to getting on a train.
  • Swiss Viva Plus

    Uncompromising space-saver

    Small home? Tiny lift? Narrow supermarket checkout? No problem! With the Viva Plus you can move easily through narrow spaces without compromising on functions: The Viva Plus may be small, but it has everything that our large models have: from the biodynamic positioning package and the electric height lift to the many options typical of SKS.
  • Swiss Viva Junior

    The wheelchair that grows with you

    For children and teens: the Viva Junior is robust, compact, agile. It’s ideal for young people who explore their environment independently, thanks not least to many special steering options like the remote stop. It can be optimally adapted using many positioning functions and grows with its user all the way to adulthood.
  • Swiss Viva Grand

    The everyday all-rounder

    One chair for everything – the Swiss Viva Grand unites outdoor driving pleasure with compact indoor agility. Modularly adapted to you and with a whole range of customizing options, it takes you everywhere you need to go. Built to last, its high build quality and robust construction ensure sustaina-bility through longevity.
  • Swiss Viva Junior S

    Standing tall in the world

    Experience the world from a standing position – with the Swiss Viva Junior S, the first multiposition standing power wheelchair for children and teens. Its clever technology enables almost perfect therapeutic standing with all the benefits this brings, from easier breathing to better circulation and improved muscle tone. Greet each day with greater independence and face to face!

Compact external dimensions

Fits anywhere

Each of our power wheelchairs is a combination of experience, technical expertise and craftsmanship. And most importantly: a lot of your feedback. We know this from countless conversations: Compact outer dimensions are important. For example, when it comes to mastering narrow kitchens, bathrooms or lifts. And because we manufacture almost all components of our wheelchairs ourselves, every word from you ends up directly in our design. This creates an ongoing process of optimisation in which we constantly measure our power wheelchairs against what helps you in everyday life.

Mobility everywhere

Inside and outside

All models of our wheelchairs are basically suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Compact dimensions ensure agility in indoor areas. And for outdoor use, we attach great importance to a good chassis. Nevertheless, our models have different strengths: Depending on what you need for everyday use, they offer you additional off-road mobility or compactness. Starting with the living room speedster Viva Plus to the all-round talent Viva Grand and the perfectly balanced Viva Grand M.

Modular construction

Everyone is unique

Our power wheelchairs consist of modular assemblies that we manufacture ourselves. We adapt the functions of each individual SKS Viva exactly to your needs. New for every customer and in a continuous optimisation process. The modularity allows us to transfer assemblies from one wheelchair model to another. And thus combine the strengths of different wheelchairs. The main question is: What supports you in everyday life?

Super driving quality

Agile and quick

We aim for nothing less than the optimum when it comes to driving characteristics. With powerful engines, for example. Or with programming that is optimised exactly for you. Or with our dynamic centre of gravity shift: it ensures that your centre of gravity remains above the drive axle and that you always have full traction. Even when driving on slopes.


Fits like a glove

Beyond the functional modules, we adapt each individual wheelchair optimally to your anatomical needs. How? With a lot of biomechanics know-how, many infinitely variable adjustment options as well as well thought-out functions for easier handling or need-dependent special constructions. And of course with our own upholstery for individual seats. So that you feel as comfortable as possible with your SKS Viva and can cope better with everyday life. Like a tailor-made shirt that you simply love to wear.