Swiss Viva Junior

The first one

Grows with you

For children and teens: the Viva Junior is robust, compact, agile. It’s ideal for young people who explore their environment independently, thanks not least to many special steering options like the remote stop. It can be optimally adapted using many positioning functions and grows with its user all the way to adulthood.
Swiss Viva Junior
Swiss Viva Junior
Swiss Viva Junior

This is what it offers

Grows with you

Extremely compact

Enormously agile

back length compensation

Charger always to hand

With emergency stop upon request

High build quality
and sustainability

How it can change your life


Something that accompanies you through the day needs to fit you: The Viva Junior has a modular design and comes with a whole series of customizable options. Plus, we tailor it to suit you perfectly with the biodynamic positioning package. Once it’s set up, all key elements like the headrest, leg rests and seat angle move with you and follow your body with every movement.


The Junior has another special feature in addition to the usual SKS adaptability: It grows with you. We use numerous adjustment options and replaceable seat units to keep adapting it to you over the years. And when the time comes, we simply convert the Junior into an adult wheelchair.


It can do everything that the ‘big ones’ can: In addition to compact dimensions and agility that has proven itself in daily use, the Junior also features all the electric options, particularly special controls. What does that mean? You have the greatest possible freedom to explore, play and grow up, while the optional remote stop provides safety: If necessary, mum or dad can pause your thirst for freedom before the next crossing.


We are constantly asking ourselves the same question: How can we make your everyday life a little easier? This has given rise to solutions like the integrated charger, so you’ll always have it with you. And if you’re out for longer than expected – visiting friends or at school – you can simply top-up at the nearest electric socket. Then there’s the electric steering fork lock, which swivels the steering wheels backward and locks them in place. In case you need your chair to be a few centimetres shorter or want to ride easily into a lift, over ramps or through narrow doorways.

Taking you anywhere

Negotiating everyday life with the Swiss Viva Junior

We often hear from parents that it’s really not easy to explain to a child why they can’t ride over the grass in the park, why they can’t ride up the hill – why they can’t go everywhere. ‘The wheel-chair can’t cope’ quickly gets old in the face of such a lust for life. But parents also often report: ‘It’s good that we don’t have to say it very often.’ Not only does the Viva Junior have powerful motors that allow children to keep up with their peers, it also has the necessary all-terrain capability for family excursions.

Technical data

Maximum speed8 / 12 km/h
Total length with standard leg rests / Without leg rests95 cm / 66 cm
Width60 cm
Turning radius with leg rests79 cm
Standard seat width25–35 cm
Standard seat depth35-42.5 cm
Minimum seat height without seat cushion45 cm
Seat height including SKS standard seat50 cm
Seat angle mechanically adjustable / electric0-17° / 0–27°
Back angle mechanically adjustable / electric90–102° / 90–150°
Electric seat lift0–27 cm
Electrically raised leg restsYES
Adjustable leg rest bracketn.a.
Front wheel diameter 20/23/26 cm
Drive wheel diameter35 cm
Drive motor2 x 350 W
Batteries2 x 12 V / 63 Ah (C20
Load capacity100 kg
Maximum obstacle height5–6 cm
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pure orange, raspberry red, ultramarine blue, turquoise blue, pearl gentian blue, Night Rider (glows in the dark)
pure orange, raspberry red, ultramarine blue, turquoise blue, pearl gentian blue, Night Rider (glows in the dark)