Swiss Viva Grand F

Our first front-wheel drive model

The pioneer

The Grand F is a pioneer. The F stands for front-wheel drive, which we are offering for the first time on a Viva model. This makes dealing with kerbs, forest tracks and narrow passages a breeze. It ob-viously also comes as standard with everything you expect from SKS, such as a precisely honed custom design and professional advice.
Swiss Viva Grand F
Swiss Viva Grand F
Swiss Viva Grand F

This is what it offers

Custom design
with numerous options

Optional lift

Freedom to enjoy the outdoors,
exceptional manoeuvrability indoors

Outstanding handling characteristics
thanks to independent suspension

Best-in-class seat height
and total width

Seat widths between 35 and 55 cm possible

Remains compact even with
larger seat dimensions

Flexible positioning
(including centre of gravity)

Backrest with length adjustment

On-board charger
(never forget it again)

Modular & optimally adjustable

Allows you to drive your own car

Trusted and reliable companion:
High-quality workmanship
and retrofit adaptability

How it can change your life

Custom design for optimum flexibility

A day-to-day companion needs to fit you well. The Viva Grand F therefore has a modular structure and is offered with a whole host of customisation options. In fact, we really go the extra mile in this regard. Standard adjustments? These are only the start for us. We offer countless other ways to satisfy your requirements - from various lift types and chassis versions, all the way up to a wide range of cushion options. In other words, we can offer everything to ensure that your Viva is a per-fect fit for you and your lifestyle.

The only standard? Professional advice!

We consider custom design and full-scope, professional advice as two sides of the same coin. It all starts with a conversation. Where do you need to go? What are your plans? What challenges do you face? We listen, ask questions and then use our specialist knowledge, experience and technical cre-ativity to find the best option. The end result? A good and long-term relationship, also with plenty of scope for everyone to have fun together. As well as your own specifically tailored Grand F.

Best-in-class compactness

Sometimes, having a few centimetres less can make all the difference. For example when you wish to sit directly at a table, drive through a door or need to be held securely in the seat. No matter where space is at a premium – the Grand F has got your back. After all, it boasts the lowest seat height, narrowest total width and greatest seat width flexibility of all front-wheel drive electric wheelchairs.

Stay fully active both indoors and out

From forest tracks to town centre bars: the F will always get you where you need to go. Powerful motors and independent suspension help you navigate even demanding outdoor terrain. Your wheel-chair always remains balanced thanks to flexible positioning and dynamic centre of gravity adjust-ment. It also helps you stay mobile indoor. With modern control elements, compact dimensions and cleverly designed mechanical components.

Durable and sustainable

Our wheelchairs will keep you moving for as long as you need them. High-quality workmanship, ro-bust construction and high-grade components keep you up and running reliably. We know that both you and your requirements can change over time. The F is therefore easy to modify and extend with further options. However, one thing always remains constant: your personal contact with us.

Technical data

Maximum speed8 / 12 km/h
Total length with standard leg rests / Without leg rests110 cm / 96cm
Width59 cm
Turning radius with leg rests66 cm
Standard seat width38–50 cm
Standard seat depth40–54 cm
Minimum seat height under load without seat cushion 39 cm
Seat angle mechanically adjustable / electricn.a. / 0–40/50°
Back angle mechanically adjustable / electric82–135° / 82–153°
Electric seat lift0–30 cm
Electrically adjustable leg restsYES
Backwheel diameter17.5 cm
Drive wheel diameter35 cm
Drive motor2 x 400 W
Batteries2 x 12 V / 60Ah (C20)
Recommended max. load capacity std/HD120/180 kg
Maximum obstacle height7 cm
Full table


traffic yellow, traffic red, ultramarine blue, emerald green, chassis matt black
traffic yellow, traffic red, ultramarine blue, emerald green, chassis matt black