Swiss Viva Grand M

With mid-mounted motor

The perfectionist

If you’re someone who doesn’t do things by halves, then the Grand M is right for you. It impresses with a powerful mid-wheel drive, supreme driving gear and a low seat height. For anyone unwilling to compromise – outdoors, in terms of agility or even when it comes to getting on a train.
Swiss Viva Grand M
Swiss Viva Grand M
Swiss Viva Grand M

This is what it offers

Outdoor driving pleasure,
indoor agility

Outstanding driving features
thanks to mid-wheel drive and independent suspension

Clever solution details

Very low seat height

Flexible positioning
(including centre of gravity)

Modular & optimally adaptable

Many options
& simple customizations

Driving solution
for the car

Sustainable companion:
high build quality that can be customised at any time

How it can change your life


The Grand M makes crossing difficult terrain, steep slopes or door sills a piece of cake. It’s the independent suspension that gives the Grand M its excellent driving ability here. In combination with dynamic shifting of the centre of gravity, these clever solutions provide you with maximum stability while the powerful mid-wheel drive supplies the necessary traction for slopes of up to 25%.


59 cm total width, 65 cm turning radius, 43 cm minimum seat height with standard cushion. What do these figures mean? They mean that even the tightest spaces in hallways, doorways and lifts can’t hold you back, thanks to the mid-wheel drive! And with its unusually low seat height and the slide-back armrest cushions you can sit at any table.


Something that accompanies you through the day needs to fit you: The Viva Grand M has a modular design and comes with a whole series of customizable options. Plus, we tailor it to suit you perfectly with the biodynamic positioning package. Once it’s set up, all key elements like the headrest, leg rests and seat angle move with you and follow your body with every movement.


We are constantly asking ourselves the same question: How can we make your everyday life a little easier? This has given rise to solutions like the electric steering fork lock, which allows you to swivel the steering wheels backward and lock them in place. In case you need your chair to be a few centimetres shorter or want to ride easily into a lift, over ramps or through narrow doorways. Another problem that’s now a thing of the past are steering wheels that get stuck at the worst possible moment – like when you’re getting onto the underground.

Fit for festivals

Negotiating everyday life with the Swiss Viva Grand M

Visiting a rock festival in a wheelchair isn’t the easiest task. The moment it rains, the ground becomes a challenge – and Murphy’s Law dictates that it always rains. So we were over the moon to receive this message from a Grand M user and veteran festival-goer: ‘The chair is so good over rough terrain, I can ride it over wet grass.’ The music fan is a seasoned visitor to the notorious Wacken Open Air Festival and was even there the very first time the metal festival was held. The Grand M shows its stuff in front of the stage, too. With the mid-mounted motor, our metalhead can turn on the spot, which is extremely useful for manoeuvring between thousands of like-minded fans in the crowd. Plus, the lift gives a great view of the stage.

Technical data

Maximum speed8 / 12 km/h
Total length with standard leg rests / Without leg rests110 cm / 99 cm
Width59 cm
Turning radius with leg rests65 cm
Standard seat width38–50 cm
Standard seat depth40–54 cm
Minimum seat height under load without seat cushion39 cm
Seat angle mechanically adjustable / electricn.a. / 0–40/50°
Back angle mechanically adjustable / electric82–135° / 82–153°
Electric seat lift0–30 cm
Electrically adjustable leg restsYES
Adjustable leg rest bracketn.a.
Front/back wheel diameter17.5 cm
Drive wheel diameter35 cm
Drive motor2 x 400 W
Batteries2 x 12 V / 60 Ah (C20)
Max. load capacity std/HD120/180 kg
Maximum obstacle height7 cm
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matt black
matt black