Swiss Viva Grand

Gets you moving

The everyday all-rounder

One chair for everything – the Swiss Viva Grand unites outdoor driving pleasure with compact indoor agility. Modularly adapted to you and with a whole range of customizing options, it takes you everywhere you need to go. Built to last, its high build quality and robust construction ensure sustainability through longevity.
Swiss Viva Grand
Swiss Viva Grand
Swiss Viva Grand

This is what it offers

Outdoor driving pleasure,
indoor agility

Outstanding driving features
thanks to independent suspension

Compact even with
larger seat dimensions

Flexible positioning
(including centre of gravity)

Charger always to hand

Modular for optimal adjustment

Many options &
simple customizations

Driving solution for the car

Sustainable companion:
high build quality that can
be customized any time

How it can change your life


With powerful motors and independent suspension, the Viva Grand carries you over tough terrain outdoors. And its flexible positioning with dynamic adjustment of the centre of gravity ensures that you’ll never lose your balance, whether you’re on an incline or uneven ground. But that’s not all that the Grand can do…


…it also enables you to get around easily indoors – in your home, at work or while shopping. Modern steering elements, compact dimensions and mechanical components designed with years of experience give you agility. With its low seat height, it also enables you to sit at almost any table.


Something that accompanies you through the day needs to fit you: The Viva Grand has a modular design and comes with a whole series of customizable options. Plus, we tailor it to suit you perfectly with the biodynamic positioning package. Once it’s set up, all key elements like the headrest, leg supports and seat angle move with you and follow your body with every movement.


Our wheelchairs – and the Grand is no exception – accompany you for as long as you need them. High build quality, robust construction and high-quality components ensure sustainable longevity. We know that you and your needs change over time, which is why the Grand can be easily adjusted and complemented with extra options.

Use the underground without a hitch

Negotiating everyday life with the Swiss Viva Grand

Whether it’s in Vienna, Bologna or Hamburg – wheelchair users in large cities are often faced with an insurmountable gulf. It’s only eight or ten centimetres wide but often becomes an obstacle. We’re talking about the gap between the train and the platform at train and underground stations. If you ride over it, the steering wheels can easily turn sideways and you’re stuck. Help is at hand from the electric steering fork lock, a particularly popular feature of the Viva Grand. How does the steering fork lock help at train platforms? It’s simple: The wheels swivel backward and lock in position at the touch of a button. Now the wheels can no longer slip sideways and SKS users in many cities get on and off trains with no problems as they travel to work, go shopping or visit friends.

Technical data

Maximum speed8 / 12 km/h
Total length with standard leg rests / Without leg rests98 cm / 73 cm
Width63 cm
Turning radius with leg rests98 cm
Standard seat width38–50 cm
Standard seat depth40–54 cm
Minimum seat height without seat cushion42.5 cm
Seat angle mechanically adjustable / electricn.a. / 0–40/50°
Back angle mechanically adjustable / electric82–135° / 82–153°
Electric seat lift0–30 cm
Electrically adjustable leg restsYES
Adjustable leg rest bracket0–10 cm
Front wheel diameter23/26 cm
Drive wheel diameter35 cm
Drive motor2 x 350 W
Batteries2 x 12 V / 76 Ah (C20)
Recommended max. load capacity std/HD120/180 kg
Maximum obstacle height8 cm
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traffic yellow, traffic red, ultramarine blue, emerald green, chassis matt black, chassis matt white
traffic yellow, traffic red, ultramarine blue, emerald green, chassis matt black, chassis matt white