Swiss Viva Grand SM

Compact mobility meets healthy standing

The perfect combenation

Standing meets agile and compact – the Grand SM is the perfect combination of standing function and mid-wheel drive. What does that mean? You can go virtually anywhere. And once you’re there, you simply achieve more standing at eye level, whether you’re in a stadium, at the beach or at the supermarket. Its origin is also unique: it comes from feedback from you, our users.
Swiss Viva Grand SM
Swiss Viva Grand SM
Swiss Viva Grand SM

This is what it offers

All-terrain and agile
indoors and out

Outstanding driving features
thanks to the mid-wheel drive and independent suspension

with a narrow total width

Standing function
for physiological standing

Spring-mounted knee truss pads, programmable standing curves and synchronised rests for pain-free standing tailored to your needs

Very low seat height

Sit, stand, lie

Clever solution details

Modular and perfectly adaptable

Numerous options
and customisable features

Electric steering fork lock

Options for optimising
upper-body stabilisation

How it can change your life

Go everywhere…

Narrow width, mid-wheel drive and independent suspension make the SM agile and suitable for any terrain – indoors and out. The bottom line is that narrow spaces, inclines and difficult terrain don’t stop you in your tracks. You can move effortlessly around a stadium, on woodland paths and beaches, at the supermarket checkout and in your kitchen. Or ride right up to the table – thanks to one of the lowest seat heights on the market.

…and achieve more while standing

Once you’ve arrived, the standing function brings you easily and painlessly (i.e. with technical precision) into a standing position. And you’re ready. For a clear view over a railing or to the stage. For face-to-face conversations at the centre of the action. For reaching up to the kitchen shelf or for the glass on the bar. For a little more independence and autonomy in everyday life.

Stand up for your health

The SM allows you to move into an almost perfect standing position, which can slow the progress of an underlying illness and reduce accompanying symptoms, for example through improved oxy-gen circulation, increased bone density, maintaining joint mobility and digestive function all the way to decubitus prophylaxis. In other words: standing is simply good for you.

Born of user feedback

We say THANK YOU! Because the initiative for the SM came from you, our users! The combina-tion of standing function and mid-wheel drive comes straight from real life, as a popular result of our customising process.

At the start of every Swiss Viva we ask: Where are you travelling? What are you planning to do? We listen, ask questions and contribute our expertise. In combination with the immense possibili-ties of our customisation process, we then create exactly the chair that best suits your everyday life. And sometimes even a new model.

Technical data

Maximum speed8 / 12 km/h
Total length with standard leg rests / Without leg rests110 cm / 99cm
Width59 cm
Turning radius with leg rests65 cm
Standard seat width38–48 cm
Standard seat depth42.5–58 cm
Minimum seat height under load without seat cushion 48 cm
Seat angle mechanically adjustable / electricn.a. / 0–30°
Back angle mechanically adjustable / electric90-150°
Electric seat lift0–30 cm
Electrically adjustable leg restsYES
Backwheel diameter7x1¾"
Drive wheel diameter3.00-8"
Drive motor2 x 400 W
Batteries2 x 12 V / 60Ah (C20)
Recommended max. load capacity std/HD120 kg
Maximum obstacle height7 cm
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traffic yellow, traffic red, ultramarine blue, emerald green, chassis matt black
traffic yellow, traffic red, ultramarine blue, emerald green, chassis matt black