Swiss Viva Junior S


For children and teens

Standing tall in the world

Experience the world from a standing position – with the Swiss Viva Junior S, the first multiposition standing power wheelchair for children and teens. Its clever technology enables almost perfect therapeutic standing with all the benefits this brings, from easier breathing to better circulation and improved muscle tone.
Greet each day with greater independence and face to face!
Swiss Viva Junior S
Swiss Viva Junior S
Swiss Viva Junior S

This is what it offers

Slim, robust and agile

A comfortable ride
with independent suspension

Standing function
directly from a lying or sitting position

Dynamic knee truss pads
reduce pressure on the lower legs
and optimise the process of standing up

Adjusts electrically:
Seat tilting, back angle with length
compensation, synchronised armrest movement,
leg rests with length compensation

Minimal programming required
on site

Car tie-down system
with Dahl or lashing eyes

How it can change your life


The all-rounder Viva Junior S keeps you mobile indoors and out. Its slim but extremely robust design and mid-mounted motor give you agility indoors while its clever suspension system carries you safely over challenging terrain outdoors.


Whether you’re in the woods, at school or a club, you and the Viva Junior S will cut a good figure wherever you go. Its appealing design and lively colour options fit in anywhere. Different standing curves enable you to achieve a good standing position and a significantly increased sphere of action.


You are unique and we take that literally. That’s why we’ve made our standing power wheelchair modular and customise it individually. Plus, it grows with you and adapts precisely to you and your situation with a whole series of optional features.


The building-block system of the Viva Junior S contains the best solutions from 60 years of wheelchair development. It truly is a library full of intelligent functions that really help you through your day. From the biodynamic positioning package to the electric steering fork lock and fold-out control unit. Many other special controls and customisations round out the functions on offer.

Standing tall, wherever you are

Negotiating everyday life with the Swiss Viva Junior S

‘With this chair, my daughter can visit her horses properly again and stand at the fence,’ a father from north Germany told us. All around the paddock, the sandy soil is trampled by hoofs – making the ground uneven and slippery. But that’s no problem for our horse enthusiast, who can get up close and even stand up right in front of the fence in the middle of the field. This face-to-face visit is made possible by the sophisticated driving gear of the Junior S. It allows her to stand up even on uneven terrain, such as when she’s playing on the grass in the park with other children.

Technical data

Maximum speed8 / 12 km/h
Total length with standard leg rests / Without leg rests107 cm / 99 cm
Width59 cm
Turning radius with leg rests65 cm
Standard seat width27–38 cm
Standard seat depth30–40 cm
Minimum seat height under load without seat cushion47.5 cm
Seat height including SKS standard seat52 cm
Seat angle mechanically adjustable / electricn.a. / 0–30°
Back angle mechanically adjustable / electricn.a. / 90–133°
Electric seat lift0–30 cm
Electrically adjustable leg restsYES
Adjustable leg rest bracketn.a.
Front/back wheel diameter17.5 cm
Drive wheel diameter35 cm
Drive motor2 x 400 W
Batteries2 x 12 V / 60 Ah (C20)
Load capacity75 kg
Maximum obstacle height7 cm
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turquoise blue, raspberry red, ultramarine blue, Night Rider (glows in the dark)
turquoise blue, raspberry red, ultramarine blue, Night Rider (glows in the dark)